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hi  fellows,
          This is my first attempt of publishing a website. As this is a site where lot of data is published, it may be realized that errors might have crept in, in-spite of the care taken in reading the contents. The creator would feel grateful to the users if they would bring to our attention, the errors, if any, noticed by the users through our email: ''.

Introduction: This web site has been created by keeping the internet boom in mind. Although this is a general educational website. Initially this website is specially been designed for FIRST year B.E. students. For others they can check out other places like Career/Extra, Help Zone, Funda Zone (Yet to be Published).
Education Zone: Initially you will find different types of C Programs that may help you in understanding C Programming better. You can also download them at your will. You can also find limited notes on C Programming, Basic Electronics and Mechanical Engineering Science.
Career/Extra Zone: You can choose your own career options through visiting the popular American Universities web sites. Search for job. Check out for the latest book releases from the famous publishers own website world wide. If the user feels that he has visited better web sites than that are available here, can just email us the address of the web-site and it will be published on our web-site as "Recommended By :".
          Funda Zone: (This Zone is yet to be published) This Zone consists of Jokes, Puzzles, Hot News, College Events, For those who want their Jokes, Puzzles, College Events, to be published in our web-site can send in a few to our email. Oh!!! Boy, we are working a lot on this.
Downloads Zone: This Zone supplies you with the latest downloads you would like to upgrade your system with. Any one who want a specific software can email to us with your complete details. We will try to find it & email you about it when we receive it.
          Help Zone: If any of you wonderful people have problem with WINDOWS/LINUX can just fill up the form in the Help Zone with the complete details. And we will reach you with solutions in your email.
           Log Off: All new things that are scheduled to be published in our web-site can be known from our LOG OFF page at the end.


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